Traditional Alsatian Restaurant - Restaurant Room - Au Vieux Moulin

Visit the traditional French restaurant, Au Vieux Moulin

The Chef's cuisine

Inspired by Auguste Escoffier, known as “the king of chefs and the chef of kings”, chef Éric Laghi puts excellence at the heart of everything he cooks. From incredibly high quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients which are carefully chosen to elaborate and sophisticated presentation and perfectly executed recipes, Au Vieux Moulin upholds the professionalism and expertise of the master. In homage to Auguste Escoffier’s creations, the restaurant’s menu features frog legs sautéed with garlic and the iconic crêpe Suzette.

At Au Vieux Moulin, we take the time to cook ingredients, to make our own sauces, to leave them to simmer… cooking is an art. The result? Inspired, colourful and fragrant dishes; a promise of a truly delicious culinary experience.

An Alsatian and French culinary repertoire

At Au Vieux Moulin, fans of traditional Alsatian cuisine are sure to be delighted. Coq au Riesling, sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, flammekueche (available on Sundays) are served from 5pm onwards; in addition to these Alsatian specialities, diners can also enjoy an impressive wine list featuring local vintages. Foodies will be thoroughly impressed by the gourmet dishes on the menu. River and sea fish, goose foie gras, oysters and scallops are just some of the many superb products which have contributed the outstanding reputation of French cuisine over the centuries. 

Traditional Alsatian Restaurant - Flammekueche - Au Vieux Moulin
Traditional Alsatian Restaurant  - Gastronomic Dish - Au Vieux Moulin

Must-try dishes which change with the seasons

  • Tournedos Rossini with a slice of fried foie gras and fresh seasonal truffle
  • Veal sweetbreads with morel mushrooms, local white asparagus and the restaurant’s legendary pumpkin soup with slivers of chestnut
  • Scallops with porcini mushrooms, purée with slivers of peanuts, salt emulsion.
  • Matelote-style skin-on zander
Traditional Alsatian Restaurant - Gastronomic Dish - Au Vieux Moulin

Our producers and partners

  • Trimbach asparagus, the Weissebeck family 
  • Alsatian organic vegetables and lettuces from SAPAM
  • Goersdorf snails, the Reeber family
  • Goose and duck (foie gras, duck breast, whole birds for Saint Martin’s Day) from Pfettisheim, Ferme Lechner
  • Lauterbourg eggs, Ferme Modery
  • Label Rouge cream, Alsace Lait
Traditional Alsatian Restaurant  - Gastronomic Dish - Au Vieux Moulin